CUJO Smart Firewall

Easy to setup firewall and parental controls for all devices. Smart and safe choice starting from $99.

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  1 year warranty

   Ships in 1 business day

  30 day money back guarantee

  1 year warranty

   Ships in 1 business day

  30 day money back guarantee

Secure all
smart home devices

Secure all
smart home devices

  1. Guard smartphones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, cameras and smart gadgets
  2. Protect your financial and personal information from hacking, phishing, malware
  3. Connect your WiFi router, control with an app
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Provide internet safety for kids

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Provide internet safety for kids

  1. Limit social media and block offensive websites
  2. Monitor the browsing habits of your child
  3. Control internet access for selected devices
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CUJO vs Others

CUJO Firewall Antivirus Standard
Secure and control all home devices
Monitor activity on home network Limited
Prevent hacking and phishing
Stop malware
Set up parental controls
Benefit from machine learning

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Control what your children can see online.


CUJO Device with Monthly Service


$8.99 billed monthly

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CUJO Device with 1 Year of Service


$108 $59 billed annually after 1 year

Save 45%+

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CUJO Device and Free Subscription


$0 / month. Pay $249 once

Save 80%+

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Easy Installation

1. Install our app from the App Store or Google Play
2. Follow the steps on the app or take a look at our setup page.
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Tech Specs

3.15" (80mm)

3.15" (80mm)
Certifications FCC, ETL (similar to UL), WEEE, CE (pending RoHS/REACH), Safety Cert
4.875” x 4.875” x 5.75” (124mm x 124mm x 146mm)
Color White
Weight 0.831 lbs (without packaging) (377g)
Security Features Safe Browsing (IP/DNS)
Command & Control blocking
Unauthorized access blocking
Antivirus and Antimalware
Behavior Analysis
Local+Cloud security layers
DoS attack protection
Protection of all devices on the network (like PC, Phone, TV, Camera and etc.)
Rule based protection
Management Features CUJO App: iOS/Android for Phones
Minimal requirements:
iOS 8.4.1, screen 640×960
Android 4.1.1, screen 540×960
Ambient Temperature 32°F – 104°F · (0°C – 40°C)
Processor Dual Core 1GHz
Flash Memory 4GB Flash
Acceleration Cryptographic Hardware Acceleration
Ports 2 x 1Gbps Ethernet Ports
External Power Supply Input: 100-240V ~ 0.3A 50-60Hz
Output: 5V DC 2.0A Max
Plugs: US/CA, EU, AU/NZ, UK, Other countries