Network Analytics

Personalize user experience and take it to the next level.

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Driven by Big Data

The modern customer expects personalization and value privacy. While that might sound hardly compatible at first, machine learning enables CUJO AI to combine these needs. Work ahead of the curve by prioritizing all the right things.


of users switch brands if a brand doesn't personalize their communication

2016, Salesforce research

of business users value privacy above all other improvements

2017, 451 research

Users are 1.54x more likely to make a purchase if they receive a personalized offer

2017, PNAS study

Insights & Recommendations

Machine learning algorithms excel at analyzing copious amounts of network metadata. Get valuable insights and recommendations, and ensure better service.

  • Provide personalized offers
  • Offer premium services
  • Get insights into user behavior
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Fix issues before they are reported
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Solve Your Customer’s Problems

Fix issues before they are reported. Prevent threats before they can get in. Stop content piracy. CUJO AI analysis allows for a simple and powerful infrastructure that just works.

User Behavioral Analysis

Using network metadata, we can devise user profiles. That helps create a tailored experience and specific offers.

Device Behavioral Analysis

Millions of network flow data points help us create precise behavioral patterns. Be sure of how each device should act.

Secure Traffic Analysis

A cyber threat database combined with a thorough analysis means finding unknown threats based on how they act alone.

Semantic Analysis Alert

Our semantic analysis combines three of our features to create powerful contextual alerts, providing more value to the user.

Network Analysis Insights

Observe the health of all networks. Problems can be identified, fixed, or prevented before any complaints are made.

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Get ahead of the competition. Use machine learning to enhance your customers' experience.