Lua Workshop 2018

Sep 6-7 · Kaunas, Lithuania

Join the Lua workshop to get together with the community in person! We are going to talk about the Lua language, its uses, and its implementation. The workshop is open to everyone interested.

Registration is Now Open!

September 6–7, 2018
CUJO AI Headquarters
Kaunas, Lithuania


Please note that there are limited places available and make your own travel and accommodation arrangements.


  • A plenary talk by Roberto Ierusalimschy (Lua's chief architect)
  • Several contributed talks
  • Plenty of time for getting together and chatting about Lua

For more information, please visit Lua website.

Roberto Ierusalimschy
Lua’s chief architect


The workshop is organized by CUJO and the Lua team. The organizers can be contacted at

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Travel Tips


You can catch a train going from the airport to the bus + train stations.

Alternatively, call a taxi - but make sure you download an app (Taxify/eTaksi) to get a local price (± €3-4).

Buses to Kaunas run ± every 10 to 15 minutes.

Trains to Kaunas run ± once in an hour, and you get a scenic route as a bonus.

In Kaunas

The office is rather close to the bus and train stations @Juozapaviciaus pr. 31B

If you call a taxi (Taxify or eTaksi, Uber is not available in Kaunas), it will take ± 5mins.

You can also catch a bus which will take ± 10 mins.

To go to the office, get on the bus #1 at the "Autobusu stotis" or "Gelezinkelio stotis" stop, and get off at "Svc. Jezaus Sirdies baznycia" stop.

Accomodation Tips

The office is located in Kaunas.

You can easily book a room via or get a flat via However, most of the properties are located in the old town.

The commute from the old town to the office is quite easy and quick. You can take the same bus #1 that runs through the city center and to the office, or you can use an app (Taxify or eTaksi) to get a cab.