Digital Parenting

Device management that matches tech-savvy parents.

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A New Era

Being born in a technology era poses many advantages. However, that does not mean that children can protect themselves on their own. Our machine learning algorithms help network operators ensure that children are safe online.


of parents name internet safety among key health concerns

Washington post, 2017

of parents checked their teen’s social media

Pew, 2016

children aged 12-15 spend online per week

Ofcom, 2017

Smart Protection

We provide parents with tools to guide their children online. The chances of encountering unwanted content are radically minimized. Smart monitoring can detect cyberbullying, profanity, sexually offensive, and predatory messages.

  • Create profiles and group devices
  • Filter website and app content
  • Set schedules and time limits
  • Get usage statistics
  • Manage devices remotely
  • Monitor social media
  • Receive cyberbullying and predator alerts
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Tools to Become a Better Parent

CUJO AI provides technology for network operators that allows them to give parents peace of mind.

Offer Filters

Online content can be inappropriate and damaging for children of all ages. Provide tools to block sites, topics, and filter content.

Help to Manage

Digital parenting has to involve certain rules. Present parents with time limits, schedules, and usage statistics.


Not all dangers online are easy to identify. Send an alert if the child encounters online predator or gets cyberbullied.

Preserve Privacy

Maintaining a close relationship requires trust. But oversight is a must. Help parents keep the balance.

Converged Experience

We offer cross-spectrum protection for Local Area Networks (LAN) and wireless communications (mobile networks and public WiFi).

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