Content controls

Ensure that the end users get a more personalized experience inside and outside of the home or SMB premise.

    With our technology, the end-users can:

  • Create user profiles and assign devices to them
  • Filter website and app content
  • Set schedules and time limits
  • Use device and profile level pausing
  • Check device usage statistics
  • Block apps on mobile devices
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Smart Protection

CUJO AI provides technology for network operators that helps to personalize and protect the connected experience.

Benefit the End-Users

Offer Filters

Online content can be inappropriate and damaging for children of all ages. Provide tools to block sites, topics, and filter content.

Help to Manage

Digital parenting has to involve certain rules. Present parents with time limits, schedules, and usage statistics.

Preserve Privacy

Maintaining a close relationship requires trust. But oversight is a must. Help parents keep the balance.

Converged Experience

We offer cross-spectrum protection for Local Area Networks (LAN) and wireless communications (mobile networks and public WiFi).

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Get ahead of the competition. Use machine learning to enhance your experience.

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