Cyber Security Data Analyst

Vilnius, Lithuania

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Your responsibilities as a Cyber Security Data Analyst

As Cyber Security Data Analyst you will be collaborating with industry partners and companies, in order to advance CUJO AI threat detection and prevention methods. You will be responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining data analysis tools, dedicated to benefiting the CUJO AI advanced security features. You will be responsible for providing analysis on visible trends in CUJO AI and partners’ networks, researching and investigating malicious activities, threats, anomalies and providing reports on data trends and impact. You apply hands-on expertise coming from previous research and analysis work to gather and examine evidence, methods and take respective actions. Your most important skill is analytical and critical thinking that goes together with technical and scientific knowledge in order to solve complex problems and provide solutions for CUJO AI company and for the company’s clients. You understand well CUJO AI platform security features and provide security-related data analysis. You work closely with CUJO AI Product, Marketing and Development teams to provide the most significant insights and propose further direction to improve existing CUJO AI security features against new and complex attack vectors.

Your responsibilities, beside the above, will be to

  • Gaining insights into cutting-edge technologies that will enable you to be part of the explosive growth in cybersecurity​
  • Collecting and analyzing cyber threat intelligence for security feature improvements as well as detection and response
  • Designing and implementing data pipelines that would assist in exploratory analysis of cyber threat trends among CUJO AI customers
  • Owning emerging threat analysis​
  • Performing analysis of evidence-based cybersecurity information to identify trends and activities
  • Performing analysis of new malicious and phishing sites based on collected data and providing feedback to the Data Science team
  • Gaining insights & know-how of evolving attack techniques​
  • Conducting research on cyber adversaries to provide actionable intelligence, recommendations, and further improvements
  • Predict and extrapolate attack trends ahead of its occurrence​
  • Provide constructive and detailed feedback to stakeholders​
  • Maintaining substantial knowledge of state-of-the-art security principles, theories, attacks, etc. and contribute those insights to internal and external stakeholders
  • Participation in development or intellectual property is also a responsibility

Your qualifications and technical experience

  • In-depth experience with security threats, vulnerability research along with practicing security development lifecycle practices
  • Intermediate programming skills in Python or a similar language
  • Familiarity with development tools such as Git, Jenkins and Jira
  • Solid knowledge of log analysis tools & techniques
  • Strong knowledge of network traffic analysis techniques and tools
  • Strong knowledge of malware, threat groups, campaigns
  • Experience in analytical tools and capabilities used is Cyber Threat Intelligence area
  • Ability to provide intelligence reports
  • An understanding of the current and developing IoT landscape (technologies/services) and the cyber threats that are used to compromise these technologies and services
  • Expertise in architecting, strategizing and evangelizing advanced product security countermeasures into products is valuable
  • ​Ability to normalize and analyze large datasets, often in unstructured formats
  • Advise clients on cybersecurity and arising threats intelligence products, locally and globally
  • Possess the ability to understand new concepts quickly, and apply them accurately through an evolving, dynamic environment
  • Demonstrable passion for cybersecurity including continual learning about new security controls, adversary tools, and offensive techniques
  • Be a team player
  • Good command of English both written and spoken

Benefits and Perks

  • Responsibility, ability to contribute to learning and the possibility to advance
  • Offices across the world
  • Active participation in the developer community
  • Flexible working hours
  • Opportunity to learn from highly skilled colleagues
  • Ambitious projects and meaningful cause
  • Calm and focused environment
  • Conferences, training, books – anything for your development
  • Benefits package that includes Health Insurance, snacks, and more!