CUJO Christmas gift ideas
Step 1: pick from the list of the best gift ideas. Step 2: wrap it up with care.
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Tech Gift Ideas for 7 Types of People That Have It All

With Christmas and New Year approaching, most of us have one thing on our minds: when, what and how to pick gifts for our loved ones. Unless you think it‘s much easier to buy tons of random things in a rush, you are probably going to look online for gift ideas.

Tech-related gifts are becoming more and more popular and desired. They‘re also easy to find and buy online: you can quickly compare prices, features and have some time to think about a person the gift is most suitable for.

We‘ve decided to make your life a bit easier and make your holiday shopping not only painless but also thoughtful. The real question is, what gifts would fit which friend or loved one?

Christmas Gift Ideas by CUJO

Best gifts fit the person. Choose wisely from our gift list!

Let us share some tech gift ideas for even the pickiest taste:

  • Freelancers aren‘t attached to a strict office schedule, yet they treasure their every minute. Have you ever thought that a smartwatch would help them save time while receiving emails, messages and other important things and deciding if it‘s worth opening their phones after just a glimpse at their wrists?
  • Seniors are often more vulnerable as far as home security is concerned. Why not give your beloved grandma a safe security system or a smart door lock to prevent her from rushing towards the door every time she hears the bell ring? Don’t forget to set up proper layers of security to protect these devices against cybercriminals.
  • Teenagers are usually interested in the newest gadgets, so it‘s quite easy: they will most probably be happy with a gaming console, tablet or a new notebook. And who wouldn‘t want a new smartphone? Keep in mind: there‘s a chance a new device will keep your free-spirited teen at home 😉
  • Stay-at-home parents are working so hard that they will surely be happy and grateful for something that helps them do a few things at the same time. Voice assistants will lend a hand by sharing the latest news while the baby is eating and a TV streaming console will be a great entertainer while having a break.
  • Young professionals are sometimes too busy to remember how their homes look like. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t care about their house or apartment. Let such a busy person be sure about the safety of his/her personal space by giving them a smart security surveillance camera.
  • Cat or dog person would surely be happy by receiving a pair of socks with a cat or dog of their beloved breed. Just imagine what happens if you choose a smart toy along with a mobile app which gives out treats and live streams their furry friend. Is it possible to think of a better gift?
  • Kids are inevitably tech-oriented, so even a small child will understand the value of an e-reader and will surely learn to read quickly. If you choose to give an audio device to a child, it will also be entertaining and helpful while listening to favorite songs or stories.

So you can find a suitable smart device for almost anyone. Just keep in mind, that the popularity of home automation and smart gifts also awakens various internet threats: blackmail, theft, and extortion are only a few of them. We don’t know anyone who would like their personal data, credit card information and other important things be stolen or used without their permission, do you?

This is the reason why we’ve created CUJO AI. It’s a device that protects all smart home network, from smart tv to security surveillance cameras. Only one device for thorough home protection.

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