September brought some serious news
September brought some serious news
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September Roundup: How Did We Hold up against Cyber Threats?

According to a recent report from Gemalto, 918 data breach incidents were registered during the first half of 2017, reaching 1.9 billion people. It’s affected more people than in the whole 2016.

These numbers do not even include the recent data breaches of Equifax, Instagram or CCleaner.

It’s not “another day, another hack” anymore. Safe to say that if you used any service on the internet in the past couple of years, your data was possibly breached and probably used without your knowledge.

It’s about time that we start to get angry and take a more serious approach to cybersecurity.

With CUJO, we are working on making this situation better. Not to brag, but we also do a pretty good job. Just this month we got 2 awards: one from the biggest telcos in the world, another – from a key media partner at CEDIA.

Ok, so we bragged a bit.:)

Anyhow, what should you know about the recent developments in cybersecurity in September?

7 important recent data breaches

Find PFD version of the infographic September-news.