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5 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Easy To Keep

After lots of parties and fun, it’s time to *really* start the New Year. Is there a better way than to kick it off with a challenge?

Let’s admit it: all those quit-smoking-start-jogging-save-the-nature promises aren’t going to happen. But you know what? There are some resolutions that are simple, effective and take almost no effort.  

Our team has come up to a short list of resolutions that will help you stay safe online:

  1. Change ALL passwords at least 3 times a year. Yes, we know that can be a little bit painful. However, after so many major breaches last year, it’s clear we must do it as often as possible. The good part is: you’ll train your imagination by thinking of some witty word combinations that can make you smile every time entering them.
  2. Be cautious about using public wi-fi networks. It’s a no-brainer: if we’re connecting to an open wi-fi (which is really tempting while saving our precious gigabytes), we’re open to any security threats. Also, bright-minded malicious kids can get an access to our information. Be careful and think twice before opening personal data to anyone.
  3. Use 2-step verification for logging into sensitive websites. Yes, it’s often irritating, but come on: this way we’re all making our login information secure. Even if we haven’t changed our password for a century, 2-step verification will keep us safer. Moreover, when you get used to it, you stop thinking about it: you just take your phone and confirm it’s really you who’s trying to access the website.
  4. When ordering online, ALWAYS check if the website is safe and secure. We are constantly floating among compelling ads that are offering us useful, beautiful and nice-to-have things. It’s easy to slip and order something from a fraudulent or even malicious website where you can leave your credit card information unprotected. Google about them, check for security certificates (the website should start with HTTPS://) and buy from unknown sources only when you’re sure they’re safe.

These are simple things we’re offering to take as resolutions for 2018. You and your data will be much safer without making much effort. There is one more, a bit more complicated but the most important promise for yourself that will not only save your gigabytes, but also make you happy:

  1. Spend more time with your family and friends instead of using the internet. If you meet for a cup of coffee, please look at the person sitting in front of you. If you’re visiting your family, talk to them, tell them how you’re doing, ask them how they are. After all, nothing can protect your from disasters, threats and other bad things happening, but when you have really close people around, they can and will be the ones that keep you strong.

Have a very happy and safe 2018!