Protection from cyber security threats is as necessary as an umbrella
Protection from cyber security threats is as necessary as an umbrella

Microsoft Secrets Spilled: A Database Hacked in 2013

In 2013, a group of hackers had stolen a precious Microsoft Corp. database. No, it’s not the data of the customers as it became quite usual recently. It’s a database that was created for tracking bugs.

This attack was not public until recently when 5 employees presented the information for Reuters. According to them, the issue was fixed in a couple of months. But the impact might be vast and relevant to this day.

For huge corporations (especially the ones like Microsoft developing software solutions) this type of breach could have horrible consequences. Imagine you have a notebook listing all your weaknesses and sins that you (and maybe another person you trust) are aware of. And then someone steals this from you.

What scenarios come off the top of your head on what could happen further? Yes, all the terrible things: blackmailing, ransom requests, use of technical information listing potential vulnerabilities. This would allow hackers to develop sophisticated zero-day exploits that eventually reach black markets and will be sold to criminals with the purpose to execute attacks on corporations and home consumers.

All the recent breaches we were made aware of in the last couple months just indicate that the cybersecurity should be on top of your agenda. Don’t consider it only an issue of the service providers which services you use. Be vigilant and aware. Put some effort to secure your home environment proactively instead of reactively.

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