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CUJO stories: meet Travis from Kentucky

A little while ago, we began an article series “CUJO stories.” We heard about how installing a CUJO in their homes affected the lives of people around the world. Today, Travis  M., a retired tech enthusiast, and family man shared his story with us.

Travis retired in 2009 after working for 36 years at a chemical plant. He now lives with his wife on 11 acres in a rural, wooded part of Kentucky, USA. They have three grown children and three grandchildren. Talking about frequent visits from their teenage grandson Travis jokes:

“He’s 15 and iPod armed! Trust is a good thing, but, to verify, I look forward to being able to ‘sculpt’ his access from that particular device while connected to our network, and CUJO will provide that capability.”

Travis has always been a tech enthusiast, a self-proclaimed “tech wonk”, and has been paying attention to cyber security issues for a long time. He has helped friends and family with computer problems and infections. When asked about his safety habits, Travis stated:

“Intelligent email and surfing habits are essential. Managing passwords (both strength and change frequency, especially for banking and commerce sites) is a must. Online backup of sensitive data, including irreplaceable photos, is a must.”

However, even with all of this careful attention to his home security, Travis still stresses the importance of owning a CUJO. On his 4th day of owning CUJO, Travis was alerted that his wife had accidentally stumbled upon a malicious site:

“CUJO stopped/blocked an attempt by my wife’s laptop (Windows 10) to visit an IP address categorized as “Windows Exploit, BotNet, Phishing, Proxy, Mobile Threat.”

Without CUJO, the threat would have gone noticed and could have caused some severe damage to the laptop. After shopping around for a while, Travis decided to pull the trigger on his CUJO purchase when he saw a commercial on TV:

“I’d been thinking about/looking at some IoT security hardware for a while and immediately grabbed my laptop to investigate CUJO, going to CUJO’s home site and then to Amazon. The reviews of CUJO on Amazon were extremely encouraging. And, at around 02:30 in the morning, I pulled the trigger on an Amazon/CUJO purchase.”

He does not regret this decision, as he finally feels he made a purchase that will give him peace of mind about his online security:

“CUJO is and will be worth every penny I’ve paid for it! A surprise was the actual number of IoT devices CUJO found living on our network: 17 devices. Not nearly as many as a bunch of folks, but it found some I’d completely overlooked, now -all- protected.”

The truth of the matter is that most people do not realize how many vulnerable internet connected devices they have in their homes. That’s where CUJO comes in.

Travis has a message to anyone thinking about purchasing a CUJO: “Regardless of where you buy (as there are numerous options), I challenge you — go to Amazon and read the reviews for CUJO”

“I cannot actually convey, from the almost immediate interaction upon ‘Activation’ to present, the level of dedication, devotion, and care for customer satisfaction exhibited by you CUJO folks. It is incomparable to anything I’ve experienced with any purchase, ever!”

We continue to hear so many amazing stories about how CUJO helps people find peace-of-mind when it comes to online security. Do you want to share your story? Email us at, and we’ll feature some of the best. Don’t forget to share your #CUJOathome with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.