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CUJO Stories: Meet Blogger Lisa from Erie

Today spoke with Lisa Stark, a blogger who was hacked multiple times. She has tried out many different security solutions and shares how she finally found peace of mind with CUJO.

Who Is Lisa?

Lisa is a blogger, living minutes from the beautiful beaches at Presque Isle State Park. She works online in customer service, sales, marketing and social media. On her website, she shares deals, recipes, travel, and healthy lifestyle. It is her job and lifestyle that led Lisa to be hyper-aware of internet security.

“I used to travel the U.S. three hundred days a year for work, and I worked in Romania. Traveling for a living, you are more aware of the threats that are out there, especially in Eastern Europe because there are so many hackers in that part of the world.”

Traveling this often, and being away for such long periods of time left Lisa with concerns about the security of her home network. When she set up her home network, and she was concerned that there was no way to monitor what was going on with her home network while she was traveling.

“I do a lot of social media work, so I am vulnerable to a larger number of malware threats. Since I got hacked, I added a bunch of computer hygiene steps to avoid getting hacked again: CUJO is first and foremost the most reliable way to block threats in real time. It doesn’t just identify and prevent network breaches, it blocks them in real time.”

Lisa works from home. She has a CUJO for her home network which covers all of her work equipment. Lisa was hacked multiple times, despite the security measures she took to protect her home network.

Before trying CUJO Lisa tried many solutions such as adware blocker and antivirus. For her website, Lisa uses website monitoring and firewall. She also follows safe practices such as making her passwords complex and changing them periodically.

What Security Measures Did She Use Before Installing CUJO?

“I used a variety of different antivirus and adware blocker programs for my computer. A few years ago, my computer guy suggested I use an enterprise solution antivirus program. They protected my computer, but as technology changed I added more mobile devices and I discovered that most antivirus programs either don’t have mobile options or offer scaled-down mobile versions that left gaps in my protection.”

Since she had a lot of blog-related expenses, she tried to save money and used a free antivirus program. That was a big mistake: she feels like that made her more vulnerable to hacking.

“I used to think that antivirus and ad blockers were enough. I found out that it’s not because I still got hacked. Before I had CUJO I had no way to protect my entire network.”

The reason that AV software and the like is no longer enough is that it cannot protect your internet connected devices outside of your computer. In modern homes and small businesses, there are so many more devices such as smart TVs, smart door locks, thermostats, and security cameras.

Without the proper protection, these devices act as entry points for hackers to make their way into your network and steal your sensitive data. Lisa learned this the hard way.

How Did She Get Hacked?

Despite the solutions that Lisa implements, she was still compromised. When she first set up her website, she was immediately targeted by criminal hackers:

“I had something like 36 malicious login attempts within the first few days my website existed, and it wasn’t even live. As a new blogger, I was pretty clueless. I knew I needed to do something quickly. I had no idea what to do to stop the brute force attacks and prevent them from happening.”

It was not the end of Lisa’s experience with hacking. The next time, Lisa got an email that declared she got herself a sweet treat: three iPhone-7, each costing 1K.

“My cell phone proviced Loss Prevention Department told me that a woman impersonated me & had all my account password, including the name of my first guinea pig. They told me that hackers were now going into computers and posting account information to TOR (the dark web).”

Lisa found out that twenty-three malware programs were running on her computer. The representatives she spoke to recommended that she should not continue to use her computer. After getting different, conflicting opinions from experts, Lisa decided that the only way to ensure her security was to buy a new computer.

“I felt like I just couldn’t risk using the one that had been compromised because I wasn’t 100% confident that all the malware had been removed, or could ever be removed.”

What Did She Do?

Because of her experiences, Lisa did extensive research into hacking, malware, and solution options. Lisa first heard about CUJO via the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). She had been following CES on social media because her customers frequently ask questions about technology, asking for recommendations for home use. She then began to read into CUJO.

“During the past month, CUJO has blocked 6 threats. Two of the threats that CUJO blocked were critical threats. The other threats that CUJO blocked were Spyware/Adware, that would have otherwise compromised my computer, my home network, my personal data privacy and my identity.”

With CUJO Lisa can finally run her website without the constant threat of hacking: 

“The peace of mind I have gained is priceless. Seriously. Being hacked, my entire online reputation, all my passwords, my job, and my personal and financial information was at stake. Knowing that CUJO is there to not only alert me of breaches but to block me from going to websites with malicious content in real time, has been a huge relief.”

Unlike AV and other traditional methods of security, CUJO protects computers, in addition to everything else on Lisa’s network. According to the blogger, this includes printers, smartphones, tablets, a router/modem, and a Wi-Fi extender.

What Did She Learn?

Because of her experiences, Lisa has been talking to friends about security issues. She has found that many people would not know how to protect themselves in the event of being hacked. Therefore to both her customers and her friends, Lisa recommends installing a CUJO in their homes. She was pleasantly surprised at how simple the setup process for CUJO was.

“I was seriously blown away by CUJO’s customer service. They walked me through the setup, helped me when I had questions, and called me on two separate occasions when the power went out in my neighborhood. The technicians were patient and friendly. CUJO was so on top of their game that they called me way before my internet provider did, within ten-fifteen minutes of the internet disruptions.”

We continue to hear so many great stories about how CUJO helps people find peace-of-mind when it comes to online security. Want to share your story? Email us at, and we’ll feature some of the best. Don’t forget to share your #CUJOathome with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.