HP printer might be a way for the hacker to get you
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HP Printer Might Be a Way for the Hacker to Get You

You only print once (YOPO) is a slang used by millennials, when their Hewlett Packard (HP) printers are hacked. Even though it seems that printing is not a hobby you would take up if you wanted to live dangerously, cybercriminals have another opinion.

In a recent discovery, researchers unveiled a potentially dangerous vulnerability in HP printer firmware. This vulnerability leaves the door open to hackers – they can remotely access 54 printer models.

The company issued updated firmware and fixed the flaw. If you own an HP printer (the full list of printers affected is here), you should update your firmware.

How does printer hacking work?

A while ago, we tested how easy it is to hack an unsecured printer. Not surprisingly, it was a breeze to capture a confidential document that was sent to the printer on our local network.

Take a look at a short video about the whole process:

Read an article about the full process here.

How could CUJO protect your printer online?

CUJO AI is protecting home devices, such as printers, from unauthorized remote access. It removes the possibility for an attacker to enter the home network and damage devices. We monitor network activity and how devices act on the network. We get to know how communications to specific endpoints (as in this case – malicious internet addresses) are controlled and in case of possible danger for the end user, blocked.

In the current market, we have many security researchers and/or hackers that are continually finding weak points in widely used equipment, operating systems or software packages. One can never be 100% safe unless he is sitting in the complete offline mode in the middle of nowhere.

Since this scenario is not realistic, users must learn to carefully choose the third party that would be responsible for their security. As well as quickly react in such cases to stay safe in this constantly evolving and insecure world.

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