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CUJO Stories: Security Specialist Adam Robles

The days of Adam Robles are filled with two things: a job in technology he is happy to be doing for 7 years already, and a home, full with an energy of his three boys.

Adam notices that his family uses all kinds of smart devices, including tablets, phones, gaming systems, laptops, televisions, Roku, Apple TV, and smartwatches. That a lot of devices! How about their protection?

He says he became interested in privacy and security once the internet started to become mainstream back in the 90’s. His major concerns didn’t start happening until later, as hacking and viruses became more prevalent. He began to take more action about privacy and security when his kids started to go on the internet.

Do you try to keep up with innovation and the newest technology?

Since I am in the industry, I do the best I can to keep up with the newest tech. I typically attend CES yearly.

What security measures did you use before installing CUJO?

Before CUJO I used standard Symantec/Nod32 software for security on the machines. Hardware-wise I would use the typical router/port forwarding to block anything from getting in.

Do you think there is enough information about privacy and security in your usual communication channels? What’s the most confusing concept for you?  

In my communication channels – yes. But I am not the typical end user. I would say that the average end user has no idea what privacy/security they are opened up to.

The most confusing concept has to be the question, why people are so susceptible to clickbait. Why do people open something they have no idea what it is?

How did you find out about CUJO?

CUJO came up during my research for the best device to put in a home. I am capable enough to set up a Linux based system using IP tables to allow/prevent things from coming in/going out, but I was ready to stop supporting my own devices and purchase something to take care of that for me. I tried the Disney Circle first, but wasn’t impressed and didn’t like how it took over the ARP table of my network.

Cujo smart firewall near Internet Router

How is your experience so far? Was your internet speed as fast as before you installed CUJO?

So far my experience has been 90% good and 10% bad, which is great in my mind. There have been a few instances that the device stopped working to do a config issue that I had no control over, so I had to pull it from my network.

CUJO support by far the best. I called on the first day of New Year in 2017, and someone picked up the phone. Any other issue I have had after that gets fixed very quickly and support has been great.

I work from home and VPN to the east coast daily, so I needed 200/20. I did notice slowness initially but that was fixed by support fairly quickly.

Tell us about your CUJO setup process. Did you encounter any issues with it?

The CUJO setup process was easy for me in Bridge mode. I don’t know if the normal end user will have as easy of a setup as I did. The reason why I called on New Year’s day 2017 was because it was the first day I set it up and it wasn’t working. It had something to do with the Disney Circle being on the same network, and they were fighting with each other. I had to disable CUJO from monitoring the Circle.

Do you have any comments about our app? What kind of statistics or data you’d like to see?

The app is great, the only statistics I would like to see is more information on why and IP is being blocked and where the IP is coming from. The APP is one of the best features. Easy to use and manage.

How long did it take for you to make up your mind whether to buy CUJO?

Probably a few weeks. Based on the reviews, Circle was the way to go for kids, but CUJO was second in line.

Thanks a lot!