Artificial Intelligence for Network Operators

Offer a secure, private, and personalized experience for your customers.

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Private and User-Centered Internet

DNS encryption ensures the privacy. The mobile industry provides connectivity. Big data and machine learning personalize the whole experience. We need to ensure that the connection is secure, smart, and seamless.

The internet is going through a shift. Artificial intelligence turns the update to an evolution.


of IoT devices will be collecting data by 2020

Gartner, 2017

of Americans go online on a mobile device

Pew, 2018

spent per day on digital media

eMarketer, 2017

Intelligence-Driven Evolution

Humans cannot effectively analyze the humongous amount of new data. Algorithms can. After the analysis, behavioral patterns are developed, and the algorithms get smarter by the minute. This allows offering quality insights and better experience.

Gather the Data

IoT devices and online activities create huge amounts of data.

Spot a Pattern

Machine learning algorithms define the patterns from network metadata.

Deliver the Prediction

After comparing known data with the new data, the algorithm offers a prediction.

Enhance Your Services

Using big data and machine learning is not an option, it’s a necessity. Network operators will have to either use artificial intelligence or lose their competitive edge.
Benefit from advanced service offerings provided to your customer base. Provide personalized experiences, offer premium services, decrease customer churn.

of consumers rate personalized customer care as influential to their loyalty

Segment, 2017

of consumers that own smart devices are willing to pay more for add-on security features.

Pwc, 2017

of consumers would switch brands if they were treated like a number rather than an individual.

Salesforce Research, 2016

CUJO AI Machine Learning

We leverage artificial intelligence to analyze big data sets. We started using machine learning to improve our cybersecurity tools. Today, machine learning is at the core of our technology.

Proactive Security

Surpass DNS Blacklisting

Don’t compromise user privacy to provide security. Use machine learning algorithms and big data. Avoid decryption or deep packet inspection.

Contextual Alerts

Redefine Safety Online

Offer alerts that are driven by intelligent insights. Ensure that even nuanced insults get detected. Keep user privacy intact.

Accurate Overview

Create a New Perspective

Accurately identify 95% of devices on the network within 24 hours. Give back your users full control of their networks.

Converged Infrastructure

For LAN and Wireless

Unified protection and control for home broadband, WiFi, and mobile (4G/LTE) networks.

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Get ahead of the competition. Use machine learning to enhance your customer experience.