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Personalized security for all devices, in and out of the home.

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Numerous Issues Online

Security is an afterthought for many home users and device manufacturers. This creates numerous problems. Phishing leads to loss of personal and financial data. Insecure IoT devices compromise the whole home network. New malware is created every day.


IoT devices in the world by 2020

Gartner, 2017

Potential victims of phishing per year

Google, UC Berkeley, ICSI, 2017

Of malware created in 2017 is unique

Webroot, 2018

Next-gen Secure Connection

Legacy security vendors sacrifice user privacy to provide them with a secure connection. But privacy is not a privilege; it’s a right. We utilize machine learning to ensure secure, private, and seamless experience.


In security, prevention is a prerequisite. CUJO AI algorithms protect the user online, as well as identify any weak spots on the network.


Personalized security for every device in and out of the home. We proactively block new and known threats to offer 24/7 protection.


Full privacy, no latency. CUJO AI algorithms do not decrypt encrypted DNS traffic or use deep packet inspection (DPI).

AI Security for Network Operators

CUJO AI delivers revolutionary machine learning technology to network operators. Together, we ensure safety and privacy for home users.

Analyze the Threats

New threats emerge every day. We analyze known-good and known-bad network behavior.

Spot a Pattern

Machine learning algorithms define the patterns from network metadata.

Protect Proactively

After comparing known data with the new data, the algorithm offers a prediction and blocks the threats.

Security Features

Empower your network with smart security solutions. Fix problems before they cause damage. Protect your customers everywhere they go.

  • Secure browsing
  • Internet of Things behavioral analysis
  • DOS protection
  • Network malware file analysis
  • Remote access protection
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Converged Experience

We offer cross-spectrum protection for Local Area Networks (LAN) and wireless communications (mobile networks and public WiFi).

Premium Services

Offer your customers personalized protection and benefit from higher revenue, lower churn rate, and quality insights.

Decrease Customer Churn

Personalized and convenient protection creates loyal clients who are happy to be a part of your community.

Increase Adoption Rate

Premium security services that are seamlessly integrated and easy to use lead to wide-spread acceptance of new tech.

Lower the Costs of Service

Smart and proactive security solutions save customer support and other departments time spent troubleshooting.

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Get ahead of the competition. Use machine learning to enhance your customer experience.

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