Advanced Device Identification

Personalized home experience delivered by leading network operators.

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Data-Driven Approach

Each device has its behavioral pattern, depending on their category and specific features. Precisely identifying which devices are a part of the home network creates a personalized experience for the home user.


Precisely identify all devices. Offer your customers a detailed overview of their home network.


Help your customers control their devices. Provide filtering, blocking, scheduling, and other features.


Recommend the right security method. Offer the best protection and management methods for various devices.

A Building Block for Smart Home Solutions

CUJO AI Device identification algorithms can automatically recognise, name, and group devices on the home network.

  • Device Type, Brand, and Model
  • Operational System
  • Endpoint AV Agents
  • Specific Device Properties

Seamless Connected Experience

Use big data and machine learning to reshape your service. Identify 94% of devices on the network within 24 hours or less. Make sure you provide premium personalized services for each customer.

Decrease Customer Churn

Offer personalized experience and create a loyal community of brand ambassadors

Increase Adoption Rate

Recommend premium services that enhance the connected experience

Lower the Costs of Service

Save time by being able to spot the exact issues that require your attention

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Fast and Precise

The service is designed to analyze a selected network and determine what devices are on it. The information obtained is organized into levels. In each level, we uncover additional details on a network device:

An Effective Alternative to Legacy Solutions

Network operators often receive generic information about the devices connected to a home user’s network. CUJO AI Platform offers user-friendly descriptions for each device.

Wireless speaker
Smart plug
TexasIns A8:XX:XX:XX:2F:D5
HonHaiPr 34::XX:XX:XX:F5:4F
Legacy solutions: MAC Address
Bose SoundTouch 20
D-link Smart Plug
CUJO AI: user friendly descriptions

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