Our Focus

We use machine learning and big data to create safe and seamless connected experiences.

Data-driven Innovation

CUJO AI is a revolutionary artificial intelligence company that provides a multi-solution AI-driven software platform for network operators and home users.

Areas of Expertise

Machine Learning
We utilize machine learning and benefit from the predictions made by artificial intelligence.
Data Science
We offer better experiences based on real-time data. We make sure user data stays private.
Rapid Innovation
We stay on top of the game by constantly innovating. We test, improve, and deliver on time.


Einaras von Gravrock
Co-Founder / CEO
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Yuri Frayman
Chief Strategy Officer
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Santeri Kangas
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Kestas Pakalniskis
Co-Founder / VP of Product Quality
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Saulius Tvarijonas
Co-Founder / VP of Software Development
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Sameer Nayar
Co-Founder / COO
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Lourival Neto
VP of Firmware Engineering
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Michael Przybilski
VP of RnD
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Gabor Takacs
Chief Data Scientist
Indre Deksnyte
SVP Marketing & Sales
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Marcio Avillez
SVP of Business Development
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T. Sean Obrey
VP of Sales, ISP & OEM
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Mitchell Suarez
VP of Product, ISP & OEM
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Jari Heinonen
VP of Sales, APAC
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Our Team

CUJO AI connects the brightest experts from all over the world to create future-ready solutions.

170+ experts
10 countries