The Smart Way To
Fight Hacking

CUJO is a smart firewall that keeps your connected home and business safe from cyber threats. Stay secure and private online.

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You Are an Easy Target

Did you know half of Americans had their information exposed by hackers in 2014?
If you own wireless devices like baby monitors, smart TVs, and thermostats, you are an easy
target for home hackers.

Business-Level Security To Fight Home Hacking

CUJO seamlessly assimilates into your home network simply by connecting to your existing router.

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Cujo Cujo

One Device To Secure Your
Entire Home Network

All of your wired and wireless Internet connected devices are protected by CUJO.

Safeguard Your Family

A hacker enters your home through your iPhone, your computer, your wifi router, your thermostat or even your fridge if it’s connected to the Internet.

Protect Your Finances

Hackers can access your finances by exploiting security flaws in your connected devices.

Ensure Your Privacy

Exposed and unsecured devices mean it’s a matter of when, not if, you will be hacked.

What CUJO Can Do

Home Internet security at your fingertips.


Detect Threats

Detect Threats

We monitor all devices on your network and send alerts when threats are detected.

Block Hacks, Viruses & Malware

Block Hacks & Malware

Provides real-time protection to block hacks and malicious sites.

For Every Home

For Every Home

CUJO’s sophisticated technology is compatible with any router.



Once you plug CUJO into your router, all connected devices will be monitored.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Our app offers on-the-go access to your home Internet security and management. Easily secure your home from anywhere.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

CUJO (internet of things security) constantly adapts to block new threats so your home is continuously protected.


Cyber Neighborhood Watch

See threats blocked by CUJO near you in real time.
When one CUJO detects a threat, all CUJO users are automatically protected against it.

Get CUJO + 180 Day Service Only $99

$8.99/month after trial. No commitment. 30 day returns. Ships Next Business Day.